Privacy notice

Thank you very much for your interest in our online presence. The protection of your personal data is very important to us. Here we like to inform you about our data protection policies. We are for sure complying with statutory requirements by the data protection act (BDSG) and the telemedia act (TMG) and any other data protection act.

You can trust us when we deal with your personal data. They are being encrypted before they will be transferred to us by means of our digital encryption technology. Our website are protected by technical systems against damage, destruction or unauthorized access.

Subject of data protection

Subject of our data protection efforts are person related data. These are according to the data protection act (BDSG) §3 col 1 single data about personal and factual relationships of a specific or a determinable natural person. These data can be information like name, postal address, email address or phone number an in some cases user data like an IP address.

Scale of data collection and storage

In general it is not necessary that you disclose personal data in order to use our website. But sometimes we need some personal data from you in order to offer our complete service to you. This is the case for sending you informational material or goods that you ordered or to answer individual questions.

We will generally store your personal data only if you request a service from us like sending you information material or ordered goods. We will request only necessary data

to fulfil our service and complete your inquiry. Some service require that some of your personal data will be handed over to third party service providers that we use in order to support us fulfilling your request or order. This can be for example logistic service providers and other service providers.

You personal data will be locked once a service is completed. In addition data will be deleted after tax- and trade related periods are expired unless you approved very specifically an extended use of your data.

We will use your e-mail address for promotional activities and information in case you registered your email address to our newsletter service. We will terminate this service as soon as you terminate this service.

Data collection by using Google analytics

Our website is using Google analytics, an analysis service for the web by Google inc. Google analytics is using so called “Cookies”. These are text-based files, which will be stored on your computer to enable the analysis of the use of the webpage. Collected will be information about the operating system, the browser, your IP address, previously used website (referred URL) and the date and time of your website visit. The data generated by the text-based file about the use of our website will be transferred to Google in the US and will be stored there. Google will use this information in order to analyse your use of our website and create reports about the web activities for the operator of the website and to provide additional services around the operation and use of websites. Google will pass these data to third parties in case this is required by law or in case third party providers have been contracted for services by Google. The use of data takes place anonymized and pseudonymized. You can get more information directly from Google

Google is using the DoubleClick DART Cookie

 Users can deactivate the usage of the DART cookie by going to Datenschutzbestimmungen des Werbenetzwerks und Content-Werbenetzwerks von Google.

There will be no storage of immediate personal data of the user while doing it but only IP addresses. This information is being used to automatically identify you when you join the website next time in order to make navigation easier. Cookies enable us for example to adjust our web presence according to your personal interest or to store a password so that you do not have to enter it every time.

But without a doubt you can look at our website also without cookies. You can prevent the storage of cookies on your drive by adjusting your browser settings to “no cookie acceptance” in case you do not want your computer being automatically recognized. Please refer to the instruction manual of your browser to find out how to make these settings. Non-acceptance of cookies might limit the functionality of our Internet services.

Collection and storage of user data

We are collecting data like date and time of the page view, the page viewed, the page that was used to get to our page an similar data in order to optimize our web services as long as you don't disagree with the collection and storage of these data. This process is anonymous without identifying the user of the page. In certain circumstances user profiles will be created using a pseudonym. Also in this case there will be no correlation between the pseudonym and the related natural persons and the collected user data. We will also use cookies in order to collect these use data. These are small text files that will be saved on your computer in order to store statistical data like operating system, browser, IP address, previously visited webpage (referred URL) and the time. We are collecting these data only for statistical information in order to improve our web services and to make our offerings more attractive to you. The collection of data and the storage will be done only anonymized and pseudonymized and does not allow drawing a conclusion to you as natural person.

Assigned data use

We respect the principle of assigned data use and collect, process and store your personal data only for the purpose that you gave us your data for. We will not transfer your data to third parties without your explicit authorization as long as this is not essential to provide our services or to fulfil our contractual obligations. Even the transfer of data to government institutions or authorities will only be done within the scope of statutory duties of disclosure or when court rulings enforce the disclosure obligation.

We take the internal data protection very seriously. Employees and appointed service providers are bound to absolute discretion and full compliance with standing data protection policies and laws.

Right to information and revocation

You will receive information at any time and without giving reasons and at no cost about the personal data stored on our side. You request locking, correcting or deleting your personal data at any time. You can revoke the anonymized and pseudonymize collection and storage of your data for the optimization of our web services. You also can revoke your   consent to collect and use your personal data with giving reason at any time. Please use the address given in the Impressum for contact. We are pleased to help you with any doubt or query on additional questions you might have regarding our references about data protection and the processing of your personal data.

Please note that the data protection acts and procedures and the handling of data protection for example at Google may change from time to time. It is advisable and required to inform yourself about changes of statutory obligations and rules and also the practical execution of data protection by companies like Google.