HAVOC 2,8m Sport-Jet

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  • EA2000
The legendary Sportjets from Elite-Aerosports now under european distribution  by Tomahawk... more

The legendary Sportjets from Elite-Aerosports now under european distribution  by Tomahawk Aviation.

The history of Elite-Aerosports Sportjets started some time ago with the HAVOC , this is the benchmark for all high-performance , high-quality Sportjets in the USA which can withstand extreme high G-forces. The family was extended later with HAVOC SS and HAVOC GTS , the newest family-member of this manufacturer is now the ROGUE . 

All Elite-Aerosports planes comes at high prefabricated level , they are all painted with multicolor schemes. All wing- and stabilizer joints are done already , the rudder-horns are glued in , all formers and holders are glued in , the servo-mounts are glued in , nose-gear doors are ready e.t.c.

The plane comes including all joiners made from carbonfibre , removeable ventral fins , main tank, smoke tank .

The pictures showing the stock color schemes , if you like we can do custom color schemes , please choose the item " custom color add on" in the accessories list and send us your drawing.

( Please take care of the fact that the mentioned prices on Elite Aerosports website USA are without transport, EU customs fee and VAT if you compare to our prices) 


Our comment on "HAVOC 2,8m Sport-Jet"
2 Kartons!!!1 x 240 x 64 x 64 cm, ca 20 kg1 x 150 x 80 x 30 cm, ca 10 kg
All technical information at a glance: more
Spannweite: 2,80 m
Rumpflänge: 3,45 m
Gewicht (leer) ca.: 23 Kg (dry)
Gewicht (flugfertig) ca.: 30 Kg
Required turbine size: 200-300N
Bauweise/Material Tragfläche: fibreglass/carbon composite
Bauweise/Material Rumpf: fibreglass/carbon
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