UMS radial-engine, 9 cylinder 115 ccm, gas

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The UMS 9-115 is a very reliable radial engines which uses gas fuel. UMS has a ton of experience... more

The UMS 9-115 is a very reliable radial engines which uses gas fuel. UMS has a ton of experience building radial engines. It has brought more than 2000 engines to market so far. The design and construction are upper class leading to a outstanding realibility of these engines. They are easily servicebale. All critical parts are easily accessable.

In addition we at Tomahawk Aviation offer a full after sales service support for these engines here in Europe, fast, competent and reliable.

The motor comes with an electric fuel pump. The settings on the fuel pump are fixed for the engine type. Don´t change the fuel pump from one engine size  to another size.

Key features

  • 9-cylinder radial configuration—absolutely stunning looks and realism
  • 4-stroke
  • Midsize 115cc displacement
  • Comes complete with exhaust collector ring and electronic ignition (please note that the ignition of this motor is a separate box and is not integrated on the back of the motor. Therefore it will need some space in the fuselage.)
  • User-friendly choke and throttle bellcranks included—makes installation and operation easy
  • Made from aluminum or bar stock where appropriate and CNC-machined—accurate and repeatable specifications each and every time
  • Cylinder head and crankcases produced from aircraft grade alloys
  • Heavy-duty double bearing crankshaft
  • Billet aluminum pistons and hardened steel rings
  • Hard-chromed and lapped cylinder bores
  • Hardened steel cams
  • Burns gas fuel
  • Fuel pump included in the set
All technical information at a glance: more
Zylinder: 9
Cylinder type: ABC
Carburetor: WT-793 A
Cylinder capacity: 115 ccm
Bore: 25,0 mm
Stroke: 26,0 mm
Power: 7,6 PS/HP
Rotation (RPM): 1500-5500
Lenght: 20,0 cm
Width: 26,0 cm
Hight: 26,0 cm
Weight: 4,2 kg
Propeller: 24 x 12
Muffler type: collector ring incl.
Ignition: electronic
Plug type: 1/4-32 RECXL
Fuel: petrol/oil mix