About us

Tomahawk Aviation was created by taking over the operation of the very successful Tomahawk Design company. Tomahawk Aviation is operating today in three different areas of business.

Tomahawk Industry works for industrial customers. We offer a broad variety of engineering services like project concepts, simulation, calculation, construction and design, mould making, pilot and serial production and assembly. We are specialized in fibre glass and carbon fibre, injection moulding parts as also metal machining.

Tomahawk Design is our core brand and stands for high end ambitious RC modelling and sports. All our projects and products within this brand are deigned in house together with experienced team members. They are thoroughly tested before we bring them to market. We use most modern and state of the art production methods and materials in order to provide best in class results. Quality is most important to the brand and us. It is the core attribute. Each model runs through a sign off checklist before delivery in order to ensure perfect experience for the user. Tomahawk Design represents what is possible without unnecessary compromises.

The third area is the distribution of  UMS radial-engines.

Who are we:

Thomas: the founder of Tomahawk Design and the brain behind today’s portfolio. He is a passionate die heart model pilot and completely dedicated to our hobby. He is a successful competition pilot in areas like scale jets, jets, glider tow and glider competitions. But he is also our “Gyro Gearloose”, an engineer and developer by heart always seeking for the next best thing or the best possible solution. And at the very end he is the watch keeper of our quality, our best recommendation.

Andreas: very successful entrepeneur with a strong passion for branded products. He looks back to more than 30 years of experience trading with RC products, dealing with customers and reading the tea leaves of the market. He is our merchant and businessman, so to speak the watch keeper of our purse. He is not so much a modeller but fell in love with the model market. Passion is his business model and he has proven that he can motivate staff to go the extra mile in order to add value to the market.

For sure we are not complete without the team behind us,:

Simon ( Sales, customer care )

Juergen ( Sky-High expert , building service , cutomer care)

Hans, Daniel, and Annette ( Production and warehouse),  , 

And yes at the end of the day there is a very import part of us, our big team of loyal and passionate Tomahawk team pilots. They are an essential backbone of almost anything we do. They are standing on the flight line whenever they can to astonish people with their presentation and performance. It is them being out there almost every weekend to put Tomahawk and its product on stage. They make people happy as they connect them with our brand. And it is them too picking up the challenge of tough competition bringing proof to what can be done with a Tomahawk product in a competitive environment. They are testing our product day in and day out and offer us the opportunities to improve it at any time for a better experience of our customers.

We altogether are the Tomahawks: Tomahawk Aviation – first class experience!